Monday, May 3, 2010

Been so busy

The past week has been incredibly busy. Monster Man had CRCTs all week. Since I homeschool him, I had to take him to a testing center each day last week. I spent a good portion of the day there, then came home and finished last minute assignments for my own class while helping Monster Man with his other school work. We had softball and church and softball and church and more softball. And I had a yard sale to earn money for a missions trip I am taking to Jamaica this summer through Jamaica Christian Missions. Like I said, a busy week!

This week is going to end up pretty busy, too. I have to somehow complete 10 hours of volunteer work at Angel Baby's school by the end of next week. That should be interesting, especially with Angel Baby home from school today and tomorrow with the same nasty bronchitis that Little Man had last week (only worse than he had it). I am taking over my hubby's softball team for Thursday night practices (since he got a new job - starts tomorrow - yay!). We have a busy weekend of softball ahead, and I have finals on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so that I can finish the semester.

I will be so glad when school is out for the summer. I need to find a chance to sleep! lol

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