Friday, June 4, 2010


Wait a minute! How did May get by me so quickly? Here it is, June 4, and I have barely posted anything in over a month. I guess all the end-of-the-year activities kept me busier than I expected. Not to mention having the kids' softball tournament last week and our adult tournament this week. (Speaking of which, we won tournament game 1 last night.)

Oh, and did I mention that Angel Baby had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday for an allergic reaction and an injured wrist, followed by a follow-up trip to an urgent care center for x-rays on said injured wrist? Two doctors looked at it, both almost positive it was broken. The x-rays came back showing no break, though. Great news knowing that a break would've meant six weeks in a cast during swimming season!

And for those who want to know how she did it, here's the details. You know those creepers used for working under cars? Well, Daddy's creeper was in the basement/garage while the kids were playing down there Monday night. Angel Baby thought it would be fun to roll around on the creeper. Monster Man threw her a ball, which rolled under the creeper. She reached under to get the ball and managed to roll over her wrist, while all her weight was on top of it. At first, since she thought she'd be in trouble for being on the creeper (we told her that her injury was punishment enough), she told us that one of the boys had hit it on accident while she was reaching under it, and that she wasn't on it, and it had pinched the side of her wrist. Since there was only a little bruising on the side of the wrist at first, we thought she had only pinched it, though we caught on real quick to the part about her actually being on it at the time. It wasn't until the next morning, when she woke up with a very bruised, very swollen wrist, that she finally admitted to having rolled right over it.

Since there is no break, her splint comes off today... right in time for a swimming pool party!

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