Friday, August 20, 2010


It is crazy how fast time can slip by when you are busy with other things. I had no idea I had gone this long without posting to my blog, and it was simply because I've been so busy. Summer vacation was filled with activity. I went on a missions trip to Jamaica. My hubby and I took the kids to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama to see the Star Wars Exhibit. The kids all had various doctors appointments. Angel Baby and Monster Man spent almost a week with my mom in the mountains. We took advantage of AMF's Kids Bowl Free program, as well as their family pass, and spent a lot of time at the bowling alley this summer. It seemed like there was little time to sit down and rest.

The kids started back to school earlier this month. Angel Baby headed off to 6th grade, leaving behind her elementary school days. Monster Man, having finally beat the system and gotten the grade placement he deserved, started 5th grade. Little Man is in his first days of school, beginning preschool at the same elementary school Monster Man attends. This doesn't mean I get to rest, though. Instead, I've been busy with my own school work, with reorganizing the kids' rooms, and with preparing items for a major kids consignment sale. Never a chance to relax!

Add to that the fact that softball season is starting back up. This week, we will begin practicing for the fall season, and games are only a few short weeks away. I'll be coaching once again, with Little Man playing on my team. Monster Man and Angel Baby will both be on their own teams, as well, so it means 3 practices a week, as well as at least 3 games a week (some weekends the teams will play 2 games). And coaching means a lot of emails, phone calls, and time spent preparing. (Speaking of which, if you want an easier way to make phone calls to large groups, please check out my banner on the side of this page.)

Hopefully I will have some time to devote to my blog in the near future. :)

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