Monday, August 30, 2010

Finally, some more postcards in our collection

It seems so strange to realize how much time goes by without receiving any postcards, and then I receive a whole bunch all at once. This is one of those cases, and it is even more strange when I look at the postmarks and realize that some took way longer to reach me than they should have. In fact, I had a postcard that should've only taken a couple of days take a total of 53 days to get to me (according to the Postcrossing website).

The top postcard came from Anna in Poland. The postcard shares a few photos of sites in Szczecin, where Anna is from. I really love the bottom view, taken along the water.

The next card down came from Antje is Frieburg, Germany. Antje informs me that Frieburg is the southernmost German city, really close in proximity to France and Switzerland. The card has a great mountain view shown on it.

The third card down came from Katrina in Latvia. She resides between the Baltic Sea and the Liepajas Lake, in the town of Liepajas. I love the painting of the boat in the sand next to the water. How pretty!

The last postcard came from Hyacinthe in Ohio, who sent me a postcard featuring the old Hopalong Cassidy television show. Hopalong Cassidy was a great western television show starring William Boyd.

These are all great additions to our collection!

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  1. How fun! I homeschool my children (well, only have one left at home to homeschool: 2 are finished, one is working full time and finishing his schooling in the evenings on his own). When they were all young, we belonged to a yahoo group that mailed post cards. We loved getting the cards from all over and sending them, too! But for whatever reason the group fizzled or the owner quit and the group died out.. who knows! It was fun to see your posts -- it brought back good memories and made me want to join your post card group. Not sure if my teen would still be interested, but Know I would! Thanks for sharing!