Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A few rare moments

I think that things might finally be settling down a little again, and I might be able to get more than a just a few rare moments to sit down and write. It seems like every time that things start to calm down, something else happens to make my schedule get all crazy again.

Angel Baby has been loving sixth grade, and she is doing much better this school year than she has in the past couple of years. Her allergies have gotten the best of her. I've been taking her for allergy shots, but she's had two abnormal reactions very early into the treatments. In fact, her doctor said she hasn't seen anyone react like this so early into the shots, and we're going to have to start back at square one with diluted injections. We're praying this time she will get the relief she is needing.

Monster Man is in fifth grade this year, and he didn't get off to a great start. He's a very smart boy, and he does well in school for the most part. He has been having problems remembering to turn in his work, though. I know he does his homework (I make sure it is done and filed in his folder, since the teacher thought he just wasn't putting it into his folder). His teachers know he is doing his work. He just isn't remembering to put it in the homework box to turn it in each day. He heads off to the neurologist in a couple of weeks to find out what all is going on with him. We're about 99.9% sure it is Tourette's. We're just waiting for an official diagnosis. We think that some of the other issues he's dealing with, all of which can be linked to TS, are partially to blame for the problems he is having at school this year. We're hoping the neurologist can help us get him the therapies, etc, that he needs to help get him back to his usual self.

Little Man started pre-k this year, and he's doing wonderful. He's so stubborn and independent that we thought we were in for trouble once he started school. After all, when I was trying to teach him to sing the alphabet, he once told me "You know it, you say it." He has done surprisingly well, though, and he's learning so much. I think that he likes getting to help make the decisions about what he eats for breakfast and lunch at school, choosing from the options they have available for him. It helps him feel more in control. He has been taking speech classes, and his speech is slowly starting to improve. I can't believe how grown up he is sounding already!

My hubby was out of work for a couple of months this summer, since the position he'd gotten in the spring was only temporary, but he is back with the same company for their busy season, and it is looking like he might be able to get a permanent position sometime before next spring. We're praying that things work out for him to get this position.

I've been busy with school, as usual. I'm only taking three classes this semester, but they all require a lot of reading and memorization. My mass communications class is my favorite out of the three, since it is a topic that really interests me. I thought my music appreciation class would be fun since I love music, but it's got so much history involved (and even includes the art and architecture of the different periods) that it has been a lot harder on me than I expected. World Literature is a tough one, too. We're doing a ton of reading and questions to go along with the reading, and there are a number of essays we have to do for that class. This semester has already seemed way too long, and we're only getting to midterms this weekend.

Softball has been keeping us all occupied. I am coaching again this season, and Little Man gets to play on my team. Monster Man and Angel Baby are both on teams, as well. We spend two hours a week at practice (Angel Baby and Little Man practice during the same hour on different fields) each week, and we have been having six games every weekend. We have five games this weekend, five the next, and then we're into tournament week. As much as we enjoy softball, we're looking forward to having a weekend in the near future when we can really relax.

Now that I've caught up a little on what's been going on in my life, I hope to be able to keep up with this blog more often. We'll see how that goes.

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