Thursday, December 2, 2010

All wound up

Angel Baby, Monster Man, and Little Man have all been passing germs between the three of them. Most recently, we've been battling strep throat. It definitely isn't something that I like having in the house, especially since Little Man has managed to get strep throat four times in less than three months. The doctor thinks that he has been around someone who is carrying it, not showing any of the symptoms, and I'm hoping that the person who is so generously sharing those germs with my sweet boy will soon discover the problem and be able to help us get it under control.

Tonight is the first time that all of my kids (at the same time) have felt really good in several weeks. Angel Baby and Little Man are sitting at the table playing a game of Memory, and they are giggling and getting loud, truly enjoying the game. They are completely wound up, having more energy than they have had in a long time, and I am enjoying listening to the laughter. It's such a great sound!

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