Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An Apology

I cannot believe how much time has gotten away from me yet again! The past several weeks have been filled with a number of adventures. Softball season ended, and it was fast replaced with fall festival, choir practice for the Christmas cantata, and working with the children and youth at church. My school assignments have kept me busy writing papers, attending on-campus concerts, and taking tests. Angel Baby was in a play competition at school, Monster Man was in the spelling bee, and Little Man had a field trip and a harvest breakfast, meaning I've spent a lot of time at their schools, too.

We've had a big adventure at home, too. In late September, we adopted a female boxer as a companion to our male boxer, Sammy. We were very excited to bring Sarah into our home. She was very thin and malnourished, but we knew we could bring her up to a healthy weight. We were excited to see how fast she was gaining weight... and surprised to discover that we'd adopted a very pregnant dog. We would never have known it when we got her, but two weeks later we had eight new puppies in the house. Sadly, we lost the runt at four days old, but the other seven have thrived well. They will be eight weeks old tomorrow. Two have found new homes so far, with another heading to a new home this weekend. One of the puppies has won his way into our hearts, becoming our own puppy, Sawyer. Sarah, on the other hand, hasn't really liked Sammy since the day we brought her home, and we're thinking that we are going to have to find her a new home in the future. Hopefully it will not come down to that, though.

We are now preparing for Christmas, including the Christmas parade we will be in this weekend. So much to look forward to in the coming weeks!

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