Monday, December 27, 2010

I can't believe I got both!

Every year, I tell my husband how nice it would be to have snow either for my birthday (December 15) or for Christmas. This year, since the weather was getting colder earlier, I told him that I really would love to see snow for either one, because I certainly couldn't wish for snow for both days... especially in the Atlanta area. When December 15 rolled around, I saw that there was a chance of a snow/rain mix in the forecast. Sure enough, I got to see a little bit of snow (without the rain mixed in at first), though there was no accumulation. I was excited just to get to see snowflakes at all on my birthday (and real ones, not man-made as someone had offered to do for me). At that point, I knew I couldn't hope for a white Christmas since I had gotten to see snow for my birthday. Imagine my surprise when a weather system came through that dusted us with a little accumulation starting in the evening of Christmas! I took several pictures of our Christmas snow as it was coming down.

It looked so pretty yesterday, too, though it didn't take long for it to start to melt. We had a little bit of a swirl to the weather system all day, where the sun would come out and start to melt the snow, and then another light dusting would come through, followed by the sun to melt it away all over again. It made for a fun day, though, and it was wonderful to have our Christmas snow stick around even just for a little while.

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