Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I love Vistaprint

I have really come to love Vistaprint! Over the past few years, I have found several great reasons to use the products that Vistaprint offers. To help advertise the local moms group that I am a part of, I created my own business cards using my 250 free business cards offer (I only had to pay shipping). We have the cutest little address labels with faces to represent every member of our family, including the dog, thanks to Vistaprint. I've used Vistaprint's postcards, complete with uploaded images, to create Christmas cards and cards announcing our change of address after our move. Vistaprint has been our source of birthday invitations, personalized characters, and even notepads.

My mom is really into mermaids. She tells me all the time of how she (still) wants to be a mermaid when she grows up. I was able to use Vistaprint this Christmas to make her own personalized notepads for work, complete with a picture of a mermaid on each sheet. What a special Christmas surprise it ended up being when she pulled the notepad out of her stocking.

I'm already busy deciding what birthday party invitations to get from Vistaprint for Little Man's upcoming birthday.

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