Saturday, December 11, 2010

I ordered 5, not 51

Today, I received a package from Snapfish with the prints I had recently ordered. The majority of the order was pictures from a recent field trip that I chaperoned for Little Man's class. Since I had a group of 5 students, including Little Man, I ordered 5 of just about each print from the trip. I planned to give them to Little Man's teacher so that she can give them to the parents of the children that were in my group. Imagine my surprise when I got to one print and found not 5, but 51, copies of that print! I had double-checked my order before it was submitted and it showed 5 as the quantity for all the pictures. I got online to see if I'd been charged for 51; and sure enough, I had. I had wondered why my order was as much as it was, but since my order was large to begin with, I just figured I'd had more photos in my album than I'd realized. Besides, ordering prints and adding shipping really adds up. Honestly, my order was only $13 including shipping (I had a coupon code for 50 free prints, including shipping for those 50), so it didn't seem overly high for the amount of pictures I'd just gone through, just higher than I'd expected. And like I said, I'd double-checked to make sure the quantity was 5 for everything at the time I ordered. I'm guessing that somehow a button got pressed as I was updating the total or something, and that it changed the quantity right as the order was bring completed.

Anyway, I guess my lesson was learned. Whenever I think that an order is correct, I guess I need to triple-check (and maybe even quadruple-check) before I submit the order!

Now to figure out what to do with 46 extra copies of this picture....

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