Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I wish I'd known sooner

I do a lot of shopping on Amazon.com, especially when it comes to my school books. We've found great deals on a lot of our Christmas shopping there this year, too. Last year, I had a one month trial to Amazon Prime, and I really enjoyed it. Instead of the regular super saver shipping, which can take about a week to get my items with no shipping costs to me on qualified orders of $25 or more, Amazon Prime allows 2-day free shipping no matter the cost, as long as it is an eligible item. So much of what I have bought is eligible, but I canceled Amazon Prime before I had to pay for their yearly fee.

We were given a free one month trial again late last month. We figured we would use it for the Christmas shopping we'd be doing, and then cancel it again before we could be charged. That's when I discovered something at the bottom of my account page. It turns out that college students with a valid .edu email address can get one year of Amazon Prime for free. Guess who switched from my one month free to my one year free in no time?!

I am now looking forward to seeing how much this will get used in the next year.

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