Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's the thought that counts

Angel Baby told me last night before she went to bed that she had plans to get up early today. She told me she was going to get up early and fix me coffee and breakfast in bed. I slept in until just after 8:00, after getting the best night's sleep I've had in a long time. I got up and brought my laptop to bed, not wanting to spoil Angel Baby's plans. I figured that, since she was planning to get up early, she'd be up at any minute.

At 9:45, I finally gave in and got myself a cup of coffee. I figured I'd still let her make me breakfast in bed once she got up, and that she could just refill my coffee cup. No such luck. It's five minutes before 11:00, and I still haven't heard the familiar sound of her feet hitting the floorboards above our bedroom as she wakes up in the morning. The poor girl is sound asleep.

I'm beginning to get a little worried, though. She has horrible allergies and had a reaction earlier this week that has led to a hacking cough (This usually happens after exposure to certain allergens if she didn't have her Zyrtec already in her system, and she was exposed to one of the main allergens the day after Christmas, when we'd rushed to get to church on time and forgot to give her the needed Zyrtec before we left). I am hoping that she isn't getting sicker on me, and that she's just catching up on sleep from the busy Christmas vacation we've all had. Guess it's time for me to wake her up and find out.

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