Friday, December 31, 2010

She made up for it today

Angel Baby was disappointed that she overslept yesterday and that she was unable to give me breakfast in bed. She had really hoped to wake up before me and bring me coffee and breakfast before I could get up and around for the day. This morning, she decided to make up for it. I was already awake when she got up at 7:00 (she set her alarm), but I was busy at work, typing up the beginning of a new story that I'd dreamt about in the early morning hours. In fact, I'd woken up at 4:30 to let Sammy outside and had been unable to get back to sleep thinking about this story. I finally got up and started typing when my hubby's alarm went off at 5:45.

Angel Baby was so sweet about bringing me my coffee and breakfast (a bagel with cream cheese and a couple of very small donuts, much more than I usually eat but I didn't want to disappoint her). She placed the breakfast on a platter and brought it to me, then went to the kitchen to get her own tray. While my hubby was at work and the boys were still sleeping, Angel Baby and I shared a quiet breakfast and a little conversation, something we don't usually get to enjoy on weekday mornings.

It was so sweet of my little girl (though not so little anymore) to fix me breakfast and spend some time relaxing with me before the boys got up. I enjoyed our one-on-one time this morning.

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