Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The silly things we get excited over

When we bought our house 18 months ago, we discovered that the oven that came with the house had only one rack inside. There is no telling where the other rack went. We kept talking about ordering another rack, but the need was never really there unless I was cooking a big meal. At the times that I was cooking Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, or some other dinner for guests, I would have to cook in shifts and then reheat everything when it was about time to eat. It seemed my oven ran nonstop those days. Each time, I'd tell my husband that we really should order another oven rack, but we never really would do anything about it and we'd forget about it until it was time for me to cook another big meal.

I cooked Christmas dinner for 10 people this year, all on one rack. That evening, I had to prepare breakfast for church for Sunday morning. As I was cooking three quiches at one time, still needing to put another in the oven but not having enough room, I finally decided to look online to see how much an oven rack would cost me. The man I had talked to one time at Home Depot had told me he thought they'd cost around $50. I was surprised, and pleased, to find one that would be shipped to my home in just a few days for a grand total of just under $36.

Today, my new oven rack was delivered by the UPS man. I know it sounds silly, but I am extremely excited over this arrival. It's so funny to think about the things that we, as adults, can find so exciting. Like the new vacuum cleaner we purchased earlier this year and the new dust ruffle I bought to replace the one that had snagged and torn on our old bed frame. It doesn't take much to make us excited these days.

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