Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do I really see it?

Do I really see it? Yes, I think I really do. The sun is out! That bright ball of light has been missing from the sky the past few days, which has been a big part of the reason why the snow has kept us at home for so long. The good news is that the sun is now helping melt some of the snow and ice away. The bad news is that temps aren't expected to get above freezing, so we'll probably still be facing the ice come tomorrow morning.

My husband had no problem getting out of the driveway yesterday once he put some weight in the back of his truck. Today was a different story, though. Our hill of a driveway had started to melt a little yesterday, and it refroze last night, turning our driveway into a sheet of ice that my husband had to drive up. The truck kept slipping backwards, and my hubby finally had to give up trying to drive and actually start working to make the ice passable. It took him over an hour to get out of our little driveway this morning, but he finally won the battle and he just called to say he arrived safely at work. I think he'll probably park on the street tonight so that he doesn't have to worry about the ice in the driveway tomorrow morning.

Now the question remains as to whether or not I'll have to face the ice in the driveway tomorrow morning. If school is not canceled, I'll have to drive the boys to school. I'm praying that, should school be in session, the ice melts away and doesn't create a problem for me.

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