Thursday, January 6, 2011

Got a lot done yesterday

The kids returned to school yesterday, which gave me a chance to get a few errands done. I had to head to the college campus first thing so that I could pick up my parking decal. I start my on-campus class early Monday morning. I'll be on campus two mornings a week, which will be a new experience for me. While I was at the campus, I took some time to explore the campus bookstore and get a few of the supplies I need before I start my spring classes.

After I left the campus, I headed to do a little shopping. I stopped at a craft store to get a few craft supplies and home decor items with the gift card I had received for Christmas. Thanks to some great sales, I was able to get much more than I expected and still have money left over on my gift card. That's always a plus!

I left from the craft store and stopped at Target to buy something I've been wanting for a long time - a new hamper. The one we've had in our laundry room for more than five years (which was handed down to us after several years of being used) was falling apart thanks to its age and to the kids using it to step on and help them get to things we'd put out of their reach. The color didn't match well with our house, either. I was finally able to get one that matched better, would stand up to more, had separate places for darks and for lights, and can't be used as a stepping stool by the kids. Though my hubby wasn't too thrilled at first to find out that I'd spent the money, he was very impressed with how it looks in our laundry room and he likes being able to separate the laundry so easily, as well.

While I was out, I'd also managed to stop by a wallpaper store and pick up samples of border for our laundry room. I didn't think picking out border would be so hard for something as simple as the laundry room. In fact, I hadn't planned on putting border in there until my hubby finally painted it the other night, getting rid of the pink paint that was in there when we bought the house, and suggested adding border to add some personality (especially with my 'Help Wanted" laundry valance and my "Laundry makes me a basket case" plaque hanging in the room). We went through the samples last night when my hubby got home from work and decided on one, which we stopped to pick up last night on the way to church. I can't wait to see what the room looks like when it's finished!

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