Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One down, one still holding strong

The kids' have faced a lot of temptation with their challenges from Sunday school, and Angel Baby decided this afternoon that she just couldn't give up her sweets for a full week. In a way, I'm proud of her for making it through a day and a half, since sweets are a big thing to her (even if she is usually only allowed to have one sweet a day at home). On the other hand, I am a little disappointed that she gave in so easily.

We went to the grocery store today to pick up something for the kids to have for lunch after we had run other errands. I figured it wouldn't hurt to let them pick out a frozen dinner, especially since so many come without a snack item with them. Of course, Monster Man chose one with chocolate pudding and Little Man chose one with a brownie, but I still tried convincing Angel Baby to chose one without a snack. I had planned for the boys to eat theirs in another room so that she wouldn't see them eat and have to fight off the desire to even sneak a bite. Instead, though, she told me she'd rather quit her challenge. I tried talking her out of it, even making her feel a little guilty for it. In fact, I only mentioned it a couple of times while we were in the frozen foods, but she was still mentioning her guilt in other parts of the store well after our conversation. I had secretly hoped that her guilt would be enough to make her decide to stick with the challenge after all. Instead she came home and happily fixed her lunch, excited to finally be getting a small brownie with her meal.

Monster Man, on the other hand, keeps fighting off the urge to watch television. He has chosen, instead, to read a book, write his own stories, and even create his own "TV shows" with characters he's drawn and a video camera. No harm in letting him create something if he isn't actually getting to watch them.

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