Monday, January 10, 2011

Our snow so far!

We still have some snow and sleet falling and expected to fall throughout the day, but this is what the yard and road looked like almost 2 hours ago. The road is completely covered in snow and ice, making it impossible to navigate up the hills. Surprisingly, you can't really see how hilly the roads are in these pictures, or in actuality. I think that the snow has done a pretty good job at attempting to make people think the road is flatter than it really is.

The top two picture is the back part of our driveway and part of our side yard. Under that picture is one of the upper part of our driveway, part of the road, and the walkway up to our front porch (all completely covered). The bottom picture is our front yard and part of the road in front of it. As you can see, it's hard to tell where the road actually is.

I put my hand into the snow this morning and found that the snow was about 5 inches deep around 7am. I'm really interested in seeing just how deep it gets before it is all done!

School is canceled today, and my hubby's work is closed for the day, as well. Looks like we'll have a nice day at home for the whole family, with the possibility of closings for tomorrow as well.

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