Monday, January 31, 2011

Out of my comfort zone

It's amazing the things that we will do for our children. I do not like driving through Atlanta. I don't even really like riding in the passenger seat through Atlanta. For those that have ever been through Atlanta, who have witnessed the craziness on the interstates through the downtown area and the confusion of the city streets, you probably know why I have never allowed myself to drive through downtown Atlanta until recently.

When I took Monster Man to an appointment two weeks ago, I had to drive into Midtown Atlanta. I still wasn't completely convinced that I wanted to drive on the interstate there (especially since I would've had to drive into town during the morning rush hour), so I took a web of back roads to get to our final destination. I wasn't completely in my comfort zone, especially when my GPS had a hard time finding the satellites to get me home after the appointment. Somehow, though, we made it there and back with only a few moments of concern.

Imagine how much out of my comfort zone I was this past weekend when I took Angel Baby to her audition for America's Got Talent! I not only drove the interstate there and back, but had to get right into the center of the maze of streets. We parked in a parking garage two blocks further than we meant to, so we ended up walking a good distance just to get to the audition, but we really enjoyed having our day in Atlanta. I overcame a lot of fears that day in taking Angel Baby by myself to downtown Atlanta, and now I'm actually looking forward to taking the kids to Atlanta again in the future so that we might get to have a fun outing to Hard Rock or the Aquarium, or some other fun destination. Now that I've overcome my fear, there is no stopping me!

It's amazing what fears we'll overcome when it comes to our kids!


  1. Yep, sometimes all you have to do is get out of the comfort zone a couple of times and then more doors open up to you.

    So, how did she go in the audition?

  2. The audition went really well! It was a nine hour process for us, from the time we got in (the first) line until the time we left the audition room. We won't know anything until February 15, but she did a great job. She had actually lost her voice on Thursday and was just getting it back, but she insisted the show must go on. You could barely even tell that she'd been sick. She would love to get on the show, if possible, but we're also viewing this as a learning experience for her future. She wants to be a singer.