Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sitting and waiting

The weather updates keep changing, but it looks like we are now expecting closer to 6 inches of snow, rather than the 1 to 3 we were originally told about in weather forecasts. At one point, we were even told there might be as much as 9 inches. It will be interesting to see just how much we really do get.

Right now we're just kind of sitting around and waiting for the snow to start falling. We have friends coming over for dinner, but they'll head home before the weather gets too bad. We have a fire in the fireplace, food on the grill, and we're going to snuggle up later for movies and maybe play some games. I have a couple of unopened jigsaw puzzles that would be a great way to spend the day tomorrow while the snow is falling, between trips outside to play in the snow.

We are all looking forward to the expected snowfall. I'm hoping to get some great pictures this time around.

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