Saturday, January 1, 2011


I learned two new things about Little Man today, information given to me by Monster Man. First, I learned that Little Man has been both walking and talking in his sleep (he hasn't done this in over a year, so I was surprised to hear he'd started up again, and worried too since he has an upstairs bedroom and I don't want him falling down the stairs in his sleepwalking episodes). Second, I learned that Little Man has been exposed to too much Star Wars.

Apparently, Little Man walked up to Monster Man's bed in the middle of the night and said "Kiss me, Leia", which I learned this morning that the kids had been saying while playing Lego Star Wars on the Xbox 360. He must've said it so much that it came back into his dreams. Monster Man had to help Little Man get back in his bed, and he never woke up when it happened.

I don't know if I should be more concerned that Little Man was sleepwalking or that he wanted Leia to kiss him.

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