Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow day 2

Today is day 2 of being snowed in. The schools are canceled for today, and the weather forecasts are actually calling for the possibility that we'll be here all week. The temps aren't supposed to get above freezing before then, and we're having a 'freezing drizzle' add to the already icy conditions.

The kids were able to get outside and enjoy the snow yesterday. Our neighbors had a sled that they let us borrow for a while, and the kids rode down the hilly street in front of our house, pulling the sled back up and starting all over again. Angel Baby and Monster Man played outside a lot longer than Little Man, who complained that his toes were getting cold and who refused to put his hat on to keep his head warm (he kept insisting he wanted to put on 'armor' which consisted of a thin bandanna around his forehead). Little Man came back inside after about three times down the hill, though he did pause before heading into the house long enough to throw a miniature snowball (more like a handful of snow he picked up) at me. What a stinker!

Overnight, we had a bit of the freezing drizzle make the snow in our yard slick. When I let Sammy out this morning, he was sliding down parts of our yard, paws slipping out from underneath him. He did seem to like the snow better today than yesterday, though, and spent some time outside this morning rather than rushing back into the house as he did every time we let him out yesterday.

My husband had to go into work today. Rather than going in at 7am as they usually do, they had to be there at 11am. We were hoping they'd cancel, but the roads near his work are actually clear (the county his work in actually salted all their roads, though our county and the county in between here and his work did not salt theirs). He left early and put a lot of weight into the back of his truck to make driving safer, and he just called to let me know he'd arrived safely at work. I am not sure what time we will expect him home tonight. Hopefully it won't still be an 8 hour day with them going in so late.

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