Monday, January 3, 2011


Well, Angel Baby and Monster Man are already having an extremely difficult time with temptations for the things they chose to give up this week for their Sunday School challenge.

Angel Baby, who gave up sweets for a week, faced temptation head on as soon as she woke up. I had purchased some small donuts on Saturday, before I knew that she would be doing this challenge. Since we ate breakfast at church yesterday, we didn't get into the donuts. I put them in the pantry, figuring if they were out of sight that they were out of mind. Of course, it didn't occur to me that breakfast time would come around this morning and that Angel Baby would be face to face with the bag of chocolate covered donuts. She tried talking me into letting her eat some, justifying it by telling me that it was bread inside, so that wasn't really sweets. She wasn't too happy when I refused to give into this theory. She wasn't exactly thrilled when I wouldn't let her have a slice of leftover cake (served when we had company over for dinner last night) before bed tonight, either.

Monster Man opted to give up television for a week. He did really well all morning, and even into the afternoon. He asked to get on the computer this afternoon, something he likes to do all the time. He's been writing stories (he takes after his mom there!), so I didn't see any trouble in letting him get on the computer. At least, I didn't until I found him trying to pull up videos on YouTube. It was YouTube, after all, and not television (his justification). I had to explain to him that this was still watching television, even if it was on another source, and that he wouldn't be able to watch the videos on YouTube either.

So far, I think keeping an eye on them and keeping them from giving in is almost as hard on me as actually giving the items up is on them. I can only hope they don't give in at school once they return to classes on Wednesday.

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