Thursday, January 13, 2011

A vacation

At this point, it has become apparent that the entire week has been a big vacation for the kids. They managed to get back to school from their winter break (Christmas break) for three whole days before this week's snow. We just found out that school is canceled again for tomorrow, giving them an entire week home from school due to the snow and ice. Since Monday is a holiday, they will not be returning to school until next Tuesday, and Monster Man will not be returning until Wednesday since he has an appointment Tuesday morning to find out about getting him some of the treatment he needs for Tourette Syndrome. His appointment is expected to take a big chunk out of our day, so he will not be able to make it to school at all Tuesday.

For the most part, the kids have enjoyed having the week at home. They got to play in the snow the first day, but the freezing rain left a layer of ice that made it difficult to even walk through the yard, let alone play in the snow, the rest of the week. Their rooms are cleaner than they have been in a while, thanks to the extra hours at home for cleaning. They've played video games, watched movies, and helped me with a puzzle. They have also done their share of fighting, but they've actually gotten along pretty well knowing that they've been home together for so long.

You know that the week has been long, though, when they've started asking when they can go back to school. Yes, they are actually eager to return (though I suspect it is more about seeing their friends than actually getting back to school work).

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