Saturday, February 19, 2011

Allen Shawn's Twin

I was reading an issue of People Magazine while sitting in the doctor's office on Thursday, and came across a small article listing a few new books, recommending them to readers.  The book Twin by Allen Shawn immediately caught my eye.  It's a memoir about his experiences with his twin sister, Mary, who would (as an adult) be diagnosed as Autistic.  It's about the families struggles to connect with Mary and about how much the author's life is intertwined with his sister's, even though he didn't realize that connection until much later in life.

I got home for the office and, about an hour later, ordered the book through  Thanks to Amazon Prime (you can get one year for free with a valid student email address), I was able to get two day shipping for free.  I wasn't expecting the book to instead be sent overnight, and for the book to be in my hand less than 24 hours after I'd ordered it.

Last night, I settled down with the book, expecting to just read a few pages at first (after all, I stay busy with my kids), but I was pulled into the book immediately and am already much farther into the book than I expected.

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