Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Club I Didn't Want To Be In

I know that I haven't written as much in the past week or so as I had planned on writing. I made it a personal goal to write in my blog more this year than I ended up writing in it last year, and I started off strong but kind of tapered off the past few weeks. I was under a tremendous amount of stress, and I just found that I had very little energy to spend working on my blogs during that time.

On top of the usual stresses of raising a family, taking care of the house, and being in school full time, I was also dealing with some health issues. For quite some time now, I've experienced a number of symptoms related to my thyroid, and they finally seemed to be catching up to me. I'd been told a few years ago that my thyroid levels were low, and that I would need to see an endocrinologist to get treatment. Unfortunately, due to a series of events, I was unable to get to an endocrinologist until a little over two weeks ago, when I finally went in due to other issues unrelated to the previous blood work.

A couple of days before Christmas, I happened to notice a large lump forming on my neck. As the weeks went by, the lump got larger. I ended up having to have the endocrinologist check out this lump, which had developed on my thyroid. We were hoping that, given the information previously given me by the doctor who told me my thyroid levels were low, we would find out the lump was related to hypothyroidism. Instead, the blood tests run by the endocrinologist came back normal. I had to have a biopsy on the lump. Thankfully, the test results came back clear. Everything looks well, with no sign of cancer. The doctor said I will likely have to have surgery in a year or so, but he said I should be okay to wait for a while unless the lump grows to the point of being uncomfortable or if I start having a lot of other symptoms.

As a friend from church who has survived cancer said "We didn't want you in our club anyway". That's okay. That is one club I didn't want to be in, and I am so thankful to know that the results came back with such a great diagnosis.

(Now if I can just get over this cold that I've managed to catch from the kids!)


  1. Phew, that must have been an awful feeling Allie, glad it all worked out in the end.

    In regards to blogging, family and health comes first, blogging's there when you have the time.

  2. It definitely was a bit of a scare, Sire! Thankfully, I have a great support system between my family, my friends, and my church, so I knew I'd be good either way. :)