Monday, February 14, 2011

Hockey Time

For Christmas, I bought my hubby two tickets to see the Atlanta Thrashers play the Carolina Hurricanes at last night's game. They weren't just any tickets, though. They were sixth row from the ice, right behind the goal. If you ever get the chance to have seats like these at a hockey game, go for it! There is nothing that makes the whole hockey experience like sitting this close to all the action. Not only do you see the players up close and personal, but you get the full sound of the puck hitting the glass and the incredible view of the puck flying right into the goal. Heck, you even get to see the players' faces smash against the glass, complete with flying saliva as they make an "oomph" sound on impact while being slammed into the wall by another player. And it's right where all the good fights take place.

I took these pictures during their practice time, shortly before the game began. In the one where you can see the wall at the bottom of the pic, my camera wasn't even zoomed in. They were awesome seats! And, as you can tell by the pic of my hubby and me, we were decked out in our hockey jerseys and hats for our big date.


  1. It looks like ya'll had a great time!

  2. Great pics Allie, especially the ones of you and hubbie. Reckon you must have sat really close to keep nice and warm or was the adrenalin from watching the game enough for you?

  3. We had a great time. We sat really close to the ice, which meant we did get a little chilly sometimes, but the adrenalin from the game was often enough to keep us warm.

    We're going back at the end of the month with all the kids for Kids Zone Day. They are having a great deal to get into the game plus get a free ticket to Zoo Atlanta and a free ticket to the Georgia Aquarium all for a discounted price on the ticket, if you purchase your tickets through the special link. We're not getting as great of seats for that game, since those seats are rather expensive and buying 5 would really be tough on our budget, but we are really looking forward to going back. We really love hockey!