Monday, February 28, 2011

More Thrashers fun!

We took the kids to see the Atlanta Thrashers play the Toronto Maple Leafs yesterday.  Recently, there was an incredible deal on tickets to the game (discounted tickets) that came with tickets to Zoo Atlanta and the Georgia Aquarium.  We got our tickets for $27 each.  General admission tickets to the Aquarium usually cost $18.95 per child and $24.95 per adult.  Zoo Atlanta tickets are usually $15.99 per child and $20.99 per adult.  Tickets for the seats were were in are usually around $40 each.  Seeing that the tickets were less than the usual price AND included the freebie tickets, I couldn't pass this up!  We've been wanting to take the kids to the Aquarium, but we didn't want to spend full price on those tickets.  Instead we got a three-for deal that will allow us to take them on later dates and get to enjoy these other two outings.

The game didn't start off well at all.  Early into the first period, the Maple Leafs were winning 2-0.  Things weren't looking well at all for the Thrashers, especially as they struggled to get a goal.  They picked up their defense, preventing the Maple Leafs from scoring again, but it seemed like there was little hope for the Thrashers to actually score.  The second period ended with the same score of 2-0.  The third period is when things finally turned around.  Twenty-three seconds into the third period, the Thrashers finally got a goal thanks to an assisted goal by Andrew Ladd.   Tim Stapleton got his first goal of the season fifteen minutes later, tying the game.  Two and a half minutes into overtime, Ron Hainsey scored the game-winning goal.  What started off as a bad game turned out to be an incredible game.

During the second intermission, we surprised Angel Baby.  I had contacted Philips Arena, and there was a Happy Birthday message displayed on board for her.   I tried taking a picture of the birthday message, but by the time the camera took the picture it had taken a picture of someone else's name.  The win, though, was the best present for Angel Baby, according to her.  She was so excited to have gone to the Thrashers game as her birthday surprise...

...What she doesn't know is that it was a decoy for the real surprise, which she'll get Saturday night.

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