Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ready for a break

So far, 2011 has been a year full of doctor's visits and sick days.  Shortly after the new year, during our big snowfall that kept everyone home for a week, Monster Man came down with a virus that had him burning up and miserable, but thankfully did not result in a visit to the doctor or in anyone else getting sick.  However, it started us off on a long string of illnesses to come, along with the visits to the doctor that I talked about it my previous post The Club I Didn't Want to Be In.

At the end of January, all three of the kids came down with a nasty virus.  It gave them all fevers, had them congested, and moved into their chests to cause a cough that lingered.  Little Man and Monster Man both ended up with ear infections resulting from the virus, and Little Man had the beginning of pink eye with it (which the doctor assured me was part of the virus).  Angel Baby ended up losing her voice and just barely got it back in time for her American Idol audition.  Monster Man ended up getting a sinus infection as a result of the virus, as well.  And my kids, being as generous as they are, gave me this nasty virus right at the same time that I was finally getting good news from my other doctors appointments.

When I say that the virus was nasty, it's actually an understatement.  It was so miserable that it may as well have been the flu, and it seems to come out of nowhere with no warning at all.  I came down with it the evening of Little Man's birthday party.  I'd done some cleaning down in the basement, making room for the kids to break a piñata; and when I first started feeling sick, I just figured it was from stirring up the dust in the basement.  I went to church the next morning still feeling like it was allergy/dust related.  By the time I left church and got in the van to head home, I had the chills.  I slept most of the afternoon when I got home, coming down with a 101 fever to accompany the chills.  It all started with congestion in my head, and about four days later it finally hit my lungs.  Today is day 17, and I'm still struggling to get over the cough (which has resulted in at least one asthma attack almost every day since the virus first hit my lungs).  Every time that I feel like I'm finally getting over it, the cough tries to make a comeback.  When we went to the hockey game recently, I had almost completely lost my voice and was just getting over the cough, and I think it ended up worsening the cough in the long run (but it was worth it to me since we had so much fun).

In the midst of it all, Little Man got strep throat again last week (the sixth time since September).  He was miserable with it, not wanting to eat and only wanting to sleep.  In fact, I was having to force him to even drink anything so that he wouldn't get dehydrated. (He was nice enough to share this with me, too, which I think added to the severity of this virus I've been trying to shake.)  He was put on Zythromax, which was three days of medicine that should've stayed in his system for about 10 days.  Instead, we were back at the doctor yesterday with yet another case of strep throat (the doctor said it appeared to just be returning, so we caught it really early on, but it was still strong enough that he had a high fever, a headache, and he slept most of the day again yesterday).  He's on a much stronger antibiotic now and he's being referred to an ENT to have his tonsils removed in hopes that this will put an end to his reoccurring problems with strep.

Last night, Monster Man came down with a stomach bug, so we've added that to our list of illnesses that have been sweeping through our house since 2011 began.  I have washed and rewashed all the bedding, sanitized the house from top to bottom, and replaced the toothbrushes so many times that I might as well own stock in Oral B (and Lysol and Clorox).  I am so beyond ready for a break from the illnesses and for 2011 to turn around from the rough start we've had.  I've been praying long and hard for a healthy household, and I know things will look up soon.

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