Saturday, February 19, 2011

Save the Thrashers!

I know that I have mentioned plenty of times that my family loves ice hockey.  We enjoy spending family time at games, getting into the action.  We've grown to love not only the sport and the team, but the individual players of the Atlanta Thrashers.  That is why it is so upsetting to hear that Atlanta is in danger of losing our beloved hockey team.  The thought of losing our team and missing out on our usual family bonding at the games is more than  a little heartbreaking.  It's so rare to find an activity that all five members of our family truly enjoy, and hockey is one of those rare exceptions.

With news that Atlanta is in danger of losing the Thrashers, the fans are all in action.  We're trying our hardest to fight for the team we love.  There are website and facebook pages already devoted to the cause.  In fact, at last count the KeepTheThrashers Facebook Page had over 1600 fans, and the page was only begun a few days ago.  The fans are building up fast, joining forces to voice our opinions.  We're contacting the government officials that can us find the correct solutions to keeping the Thrashers playing at Philips Arena for years to come.

If the Thrashers will be leaving Atlanta, it won't be without a fight!

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