Thursday, February 17, 2011

Softball Season is Upon Us

Softball season is fast approaching once again! The kids all had evaluations last Saturday, and we are going to be starting our practices in just about two weeks. This will be Monster Man and Angel Baby's third season of softball (they played both spring and fall last year) and Little Man's second season (he played last fall).

This is a big season for Angel Baby, who will be moving up a division and will be playing on the largest field. We were a little concerned about whether or not she was ready for the big field, but she is up to the challenge and we think maybe the challenge will be a good way to change her focus to something more productive. She is very excited to be moving up to the next division alongside many of her friends.

Monster Man is looking forward to playing, as well. He'll be moving up to the division just before the big field. It is very possible that I will be his coach this season, which will give me a chance to work with him and his team more than I would've had I just been sitting on the sidelines. Monster Man is anxious to be back at the fields, seeing friends that he rarely gets to see outside of the ball park.

Little Man is especially anxious to get back to the ball fields. Every morning he asks me how much longer until softball starts. He really enjoys playing, especially when it's his turn to bat, and I am hopeful that he will be more cooperative on the fields this season. If he's not, he will (thankfully) be on the field with other players who will be about as cooperative during many of the games. Gotta love the younger teams! I am going to be his assistant coach this season, and I am looking forward to working with the little kids again.

I didn't realize how much I really enjoy being at the fields until we were at evaluations last weekend. Just watching the kids, seeing the improvements that so many of the young players have made between last fall and now, was amazing to me. These kids are all growing up before our eyes, and a Christian softball league like the one my kids play on is the perfect way to help them grow up knowing the love of Christ. I am looking forward to watching them grow even more this spring.

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