Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Still Fighting to Save the Thrashers

The fight to KeepTheThrashers is still going strong.  There are well over 2000 fans in the Keep The Thrashers facebook page that are all working to voice their opinions and to ask for help in saving our favorite hockey team.  Some of the local media has joined in the efforts, giving interviews to those heading up the Keep The Thrashers campaign.  We're getting the word around that the Thrashers have a strong fan base hoping to keep our team where it belongs - in Atlanta.

We've seen a small glimmer of hope.  Though we don't have any good news in terms of the buyer that is needed to help keep the Thrashers here, there is an article stating that the NHL is is favor of keeping the Thrashers in Atlanta (in fact, it says the NHL is working hard to keep the Thrashers in Atlanta).  We are in urgent need of that buyer to come along to help us keep the Thrashers here, though, and we're hoping this buyer will show up soon!

We will be showing our support for the Thrashers this weekend, when our family of five makes its appearance at Sunday's game.  I'm thinking I need to come up with the perfect sign to take along with us to express our desire to keep the Thrashers here.

Any catchy sign ideas?!

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