Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Case of the Missing Postcards

Monday afternoon, we received four postcards in the mail.  These didn't get entered into the Postcrossing system right away, and I didn't get to share them here that day, either.   I placed the stack of postcards on the end table closest to the front door, planning to enter them into the system and share them here as soon as I got a chance to sit down with my computer.  By Tuesday morning, they had disappeared.

I looked for them on and off Tuesday, but I didn't get a lot done because I hadn't been feeling well.  Between my short naps during the day, I was online working on my classwork or out running a few errands that needed done.  I didn't get a chance to really look for them until yesterday. I spent over an hour straight looking for those cards, even going as far as checking the trash for things that had been thrown away when we were cleaning Monday night (thankfully those items were near the top and didn't have anything other than other papers thrown on top).  At some point in the day, I realized that I'd had Monster Man clear the end table so that I could dust Monday evening, so I decided to hold off my search until he got home so that he could try to remember where he'd put them.  He didn't know where they were, and he couldn't find them in any of the places he searched, either.

We went to church last night for dinner and class.  Georgia Boy had to work late, so he wasn't with us.  When we came home from church, I found him sitting on the couch watching TV... and the missing postcards were on the end table right next to where he was sitting!  It turned out that they'd fallen between the arm rest and the cushion he was sitting on after they'd been moved to the arm rest while I was dusting.  I was so glad to have found them.

So, without further ado, here are the four missing postcards (which are no longer missing)...

This first postcard came to me from Sarah in Pennsylvania.  It was the first card that she sent within the United States, rather than to another country.  It features the Penn State stadium, packed with fans and the bands, during a college football game.  I don't think there is one single seat left in the stands!

The next postcard came to us from Pia in Finland.  It features a little girl sharing her ice cream cone (which has become quite messy on her hands and face) with her boxer puppy.  It is in black and white, except for the little girl's pink clothes.  As a boxer owner and lover, I gotta say that I love the puppy on the card just as much as I do the precious, messy little girl.

This next postcard also came from a Sarah.  This time, the Sarah is from Germany.  The card is an ad card from Nivea Shampoo, and the saying on the front means "beautiful to snatch at".  What a neat card, showing clean hair that you can 'snatch at' thanks to the holes in the card!

The last postcard came from Kate in Poland.  The card features many different buildings in Warsaw.  Since I am a big fan of the different styles of architecture, I really enjoyed seeing all the different buildings on the card.   I wish they showed more clearly in the picture.  I will see if I can get my scanner to work later so that I can post a better picture.

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