Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Groupon savings!

I have really grown to love the savings that I find in my daily emails from Groupon!  It is so much fun to open my email inbox and find savings to different local and internet businesses.  Thanks to Groupon, I've found new businesses I love, as well as finding savings on businesses that I've already enjoyed buying from in the past.  Not long ago, I got a Groupon that gave me $20 in Bath and Body Works products for only $10.  Last week, I was able to get a Groupon to have our family pictures done by a local photographer, who will meet us at the location of our choice (within a certain distance) to have pictures done outside.   We get a portrait shoot (about 60 minutes in length), 2 8x10s, 6 4x6s, 18 wallets, and the photo disk ($81 total value), and we only paid $29 for the Groupon!  I am really looking forward to using that for some nice family photos.

Groupon is a great way to save money, and I look forward to seeing what offers are available each day.

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