Friday, March 25, 2011

New Grass

As most of you know by now, Georgia Boy and I have been busy trying to make our yard look even nicer than it did when we first moved in. The yard was a big part of what made us fall in love with the house, and we want to improve upon that even more. We were dealt a huge blow a few months ago when the power company cut down our full-grown Japanese Cherry Blossom, a tree that had drawn our attention to our home when we first saw it. The tree was not in the power lines, and never would be since it had already grown as tall as it was going to get. Still, the power company had concerns that it might grow into the power lines, so they cut the entire tree down.

We have now, though, found a little bit of a positive to the situation (two positives, actually). First of all, the area under the tree (a large section of our front yard) was previously unable to grow grass. Last year, we had planted Scott's Southern Gold blend grass seed in that section (it can be used in more shaded areas and it stands up to the heat here in the south). The grass had grown rather nicely until a well-meaning neighbor cut it too short too soon, and the grass quickly died out after that. This year, we don't have the added challenge of the shade that the tree offered, so we have a plan in place to finally get grass growing really well in that section of the yard. Thanks to Bzzagent, I have been given the opportunity to try Scott's EZ Seed grass seed. The special blend mixed with the seed fertilizes the seed and holds in moisture, making it safer to forget to water the seed once in a while without having to worry about it killing the newly planted grass. There is less hassle involved in spreading it, too, so it really makes planting new grass easy (or EZ)! We plan on planting our grass this weekend, so I will post pictures of before and after once our grass starts growing.

By the way, I did say that there were two positives to the situation. The other positive was that the power company ended up having to replace the tree they cut down. They replaced it with a weeping cherry, which will grow down away from the power lines and should not have to be cut down in the future.

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