Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Postcard Central

We received three postcards in the mail today, and I wanted to take the time to share them all, as well as some others that we recently received from a good family friend.

This first postcard came to us from a Postcrossing member in Belarus.  I think it is precious, and it brought a smile to me on a very rainy, very gloomy day.  It is such a happy picture!

This next postcard came to me from a Postcrossing member in Great Britain.  This shows the main Art Gallery in the Centre of Wolverhampton, where she is living with her boyfriend, his family, and their six cats.  It is a beautiful building, and I love the way the tree adds a splash of color in front of it.

This last Postcrossing postcard of the day came to me from a member in Taiwan.  The painting on the front is by Franz Marc and is titled Three Horses.  The image is supposed to be representative of psychology, animals, and painting.  The blue is a male principle that is astringent and spiritual.  The yellow represents the female element and joy.  I am not sure what the red represents, since that was not included on the postcard.  I really like this postcard.  It is very different from the others we have received.

The following four postcards all came to us from a good family friend that is living in Costa Rica for a year while he learns to speak Spanish and learns more about the Costa Rican culture.  He is a missionary and spends a lot of time working in Costa Rica, where he usually preaches with the aid of a translator.  He is hoping to give his message more meaning by learning how to speak Spanish and deliver his sermons without a translator.  He sent the card with the toucan to myself and Georgia Boy.  The postcard with the butterfly was sent to Angel Baby.  The card with the two macaws was sent to Little Man.  The postcard with the four images was sent to Monster Man. We are so thankful to have received them all!

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