Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some more postcards

 We received another postcard yesterday, and I found a couple that had been slipped inside a catalog that I hadn't even known had arrived previously, as well as a couple that I'd forgotten to post here after receiving them. 

This first comes to me from a 13-year-old Postcrossing member in Germany.  It shows photos from the town she is from, which she reports is not far from Munich.  I love these buildings, especially the bottom left one.  I received this one a couple of weeks ago but forgot to post it here.

This next postcard comes to me from China.  The sender reported that it was sent on the opening day for the Asian Games.  This is one of the cards that had been placed in a catalog, and it was sent a couple of months ago.

This postcard came from Russia.  According to the card, this is the vestibule of the metro station Komsomolskaya-Kolsevaya, built in 1952.  I think this is so pretty! This postcard was in the catalog with the other postcard.

This postcard was received at the same time as the one from Germany, but I forgot to post it here as well.  It came to us from Fabio in Portugal.  He said that, while Portugal is a small country, it is full of historical places, good beaches, and good food.

We'll end this post with a little bit of humor, thanks to this postcard from a Postcrossing member in Poland.  The sender, like me, feels that the men on the front must be in a bit of a rush to get their work done.  This gave us all a good laugh when it arrived yesterday.

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