Friday, March 18, 2011

We received two new postcards yesterday, both of which I found to be particularly beautiful. I had not received postcards even similar to either of these, and we all thought they were a special treat.

This first postcard came from Raminta in Lithuania.  The picture on the front of the postcard comes from the Hill of Crosses, which she says is located near her hometown.  The crosses themselves hold such a beauty to them, but paired with the snow-covered trees and field beside them, the card is made even that much prettier.  From my research online, it says that the Hill of Crosses is a place that many make a pilgrimage to, and that most of the crosses have been left on the Hill by those that have made the pilgrimage.  The practice dates back as far as the 14th century.

The second postcard came from a 9-year-old Postcrossing member in Finland.  While the card does not give much information about this castle, which looks magical with the rainbow going over it, the card does tell a little about her own life.  She likes to play the accordion and she has five dogs.  I really thought this card was beautiful.

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