Thursday, March 17, 2011

What I call my hubby... and why

As most of you have noticed, I refer to my kids as Angel Baby, Monster Man, and Little Man.  Thanks to a comment from Sire, the question came up as to what I call my hubby.  In my posts, I usually refer to him simply as 'my hubby'.  Occasionally, when sharing something about him and the kids, I refer to him as 'their daddy'.  It does seem like it's beyond time, though, that he got a name of his own here.

He has a number of names by which he goes by.  Co-workers and people from church, as well as most of his friends, call him by the shortened version of his first name.  Family and most of the people that spend enough time around the family call him by the name he went by as a child, which comes from his initials.  When he's done something to aggravate me, I usually call him by his full first and middle names, or when I'm getting on to him for aggravating other people.  Sometimes he is the typical 'Sweety' or 'Baby', but that is very rare.  A name that I am usually the only on to call him, stemming all the way back from when we first started dating (I'll explain in a minute), is 'Georgia Boy'.

I have always had a thing for guys with accents.  It doesn't matter where the accent is from, it just adds so much personality.  In some cases, it makes a guy seem that much more attractive.  There is just something soothing behind many of the accents.  I remember going on a cruise in high school and feeling like I'd died and gone to Heaven just hearing all the guys working on the ship that came from different countries and had such an array of accents.  It was around that time that I declared "I'm going to marry a man with an accent one day."  I never thought it would be a man with a good ole boy country accent.  I thought I'd be marrying someone that wouldn't even be from the same country, let alone being from Georgia.  Somehow, though, I fell in love with my Georgia Boy and his southern drawl.

He has actually lost some of his accent over the years, I guess from hearing me (with my lack of an accent) talk so much and having so many conversations with each other.  However, he still remains my Georgia Boy.


  1. Georgia Boy huh? I like that, and I can almost see you swooning on that ship surrounded by all those foreign males.

    So tell me Allie, have you ever come across an Aussie accent?

  2. I have on several occasions. It's one of my favorite accents!