Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jealousy Strikes Again

Despite the fact that I have put all kinds of effort and money into Monster Man's interests (like bowling - paying for league, tournaments, ball, shoes, etc and driving him to tournaments, spending one-on-one time with him in the process; or art - getting him supplies and books, taking him to the art shows he has had his artwork displayed in through school; or planning an entire family vacation to the Space Center in Huntsville around his love for space and for Star Wars; or any of the many other things that I've done like this for him), he always gets extremely jealous whenever it's Angel Baby's turn for me to spend time and money on the things that she enjoys. She has always enjoyed music, and she wants to turn her singing talent into a career some day.

Last month, I posted a video of Angel Baby's audition to sing the National Anthem for the Gwinnett Braves baseball team.  She didn't get added to their schedule for this year, but that didn't deter her.  I sent her audition video on to the Atlanta Motor Speedway, giving her a chance to audition to sing at one of the races they hold on Thursday and Friday nights over the summer.  Angel Baby was invited to sing on two different occasions this summer, which then turned into a huge jealousy issue for Monster Man.

Monster Man wants to know why I never let him audition to sing at things like this.  For starters, he doesn't really have the same interest in singing as his sister; he just wants to do it because she is doing it.  Then there is the fact that he won't practice, therefor he cannot even audition because he doesn't know the songs by heart when it comes time for auditions.  He always waits until we're at the audition or on our way to the auditions for Angel Baby (he doesn't always get to come with us, so on those occasions he actually decides while we're not even together) to even decide that he wants to audition.  The last reason is the biggest reason.  He does actually have a good singing voice when he sings normal, but he rarely sings normal.  He tries to sing with what we call his 'rock star voice', trying to change his voice to make it a little deeper.  When he does this, he sounds awful.  Unfortunately, that's how he wants to sing the majority of the time whenever he knows people are listening to him because he thinks it makes him sound cool.  The couple of times that I've let him sing in front of other people, he's gotten mad at me afterward just because he knew things didn't go as he'd planned. I don't want to set him up for that kind of disappointment when he isn't willing to put the effort into it to do it correctly to begin with.

So now, in order to curve the jealousy, I am on a quest to find him yet another thing that is just his thing.  Something that we can do that is all about Monster Man, just like the singing is all about Angel Baby.  It's just a matter of finding out what his latest 'thing' is and finding a way to work with it.

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