Monday, April 11, 2011

Postcard from Germany

On Saturday, we received this postcard from Linda in Germany.  The town she is from, Plauen, is famous for manufacturing lace, as you can see in the dresses in the middle bottom picture.  Linda is actually coming to Georgia later this year for a visit, so I will be sending her a postcard showing her one of the many things she can see while she is here.


  1. Hey Allie, must be great getting all these lovely postcards. I bet you have a book that you keep them all in, or do they have a spot of the refrigerator?

    Say, I saw a blogger blog that used the Intense Debate comment system which allowed me to tick a box so I'd be notified when you replied to one of my comments.

  2. My children have traveled quite extensively and always sent postcards from any new city or country they visited.

    I just love them and have them in a folder. Great memories

  3. We started out with the intention of making one scrapbook with them. We've changed that and are in the process of making several. We've received over 300 postcards between Postcrossing and our family and friends.

  4. 300, now that's what I call a lot of postcards. Gee, I feel almost guilty in that I didn't send anyone postcards when I was over in the States. Still, I wasn't really there that long and I reckon I would have beaten them home anyway.