Monday, April 25, 2011

Ready to move up

I cannot believe that this semester - my last at Georgia Perimeter College - will be over next week.  This week, I'm busy finishing up the last of my written assignments, chapter tests, and projects.  I've lost track of how many projects and essays I have completed this semester.  There have definitely been a lot more than in previous semesters!  This has been my most exhausting semester thus far, and I am looking forward to a break from the schoolwork before I start my new classes at Georgia State in the fall.  Once I finish this week's assignments, I will be free to relax a little before diving into cramming for my finals, all of which are scheduled during the week next week.

It is also surprising to realize that the school year is almost over for Angel Baby, Monster Man, and Little Man.  Angel Baby will be finishing her sixth grade year next month, while Monster Man will be graduating from fifth grade and from elementary school.  Little Man will be graduating, as well, though his will be from pre-k at the elementary school he'll be continuing at next year for kindergarten.

For the boys' "graduations", the school has requested baby pictures.  The plan is that they will be showing a slideshow of each student, with a then and now photo of each child, during their graduation.  Pulling out their baby pictures and realizing just how much they have grown had me teary-eyed.  They grow up way too fast!

Angel Baby at age 9 months

Angel Baby at age 8

Angel Baby's 6th grade photo

Monster Man at age 3 months

Monster Man at age 6 1/2

Monster Man's 5th grade photo

Little Man on his 1st birthday

Little Man at age 2 1/2

Little Man's pre-k photo

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