Saturday, May 28, 2011

The End of the School Year

The school year has come to an end for all three of my kids.  The last few weeks of school proved to be filled with activity that often had me away from home to be with them.

Little Man's pre-k class ended their lesson on fairy tales by having a fairy tale ball, also known as a pre-k prom. The kids all got dressed up for the big event.  The school cafeteria was decorated for the ball, and there was a table set up with breakfast foods, snacks, and even a castle cake.

Little Man had a field trip to a local farm, where his pre-k class learned about farm animals, crops grown in Georgia, farm equipment, and even about how forest fires are fought.

Angel Baby has been in band all school year, learning to play the flute, and she had an end of the year concert.  One of the boys in the sixth grade band with her has been friends with her since they were in pre-k.  It's amazing how much  they have grown up over the years!

Little Man's class had a cookout at their school with field day activities afterward.  Monster Man's 5th grade class, on the other hand, had an end of the year cookout at a local park.

Little Man got his certificate for completing pre-k, and in a sense graduated from pre-k up to kindergarten.  I know he is going to miss his teachers, who I think have been among the best teachers any of my kids have had in all their years in school.

Monster Man also had an awards ceremony to act as a graduation from elementary school.  It's hard to believe that he will be joining Angel Baby in middle school next year!

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