Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I carried a watermelon!

One of my all-time favorite movies has always been Dirty Dancing.  The movie is one of those that appeals to all the senses, something I've always found of particular value both when watching a movie and when reading a book.  I love being able to laugh and cry along with the characters.  It seems to help build an attachment to the characters.  You can truly relate to them when you're able to experience their emotions alongside them.

One of my favorite lines from the movie is when Baby is first meeting up with Johnny and the other dancers.  As she is introduced to Johnny and he asks what she is doing there, she happily replies "I carried a watermelon", which is then followed by "I carried a watermelon" in a tone that lets you feel just how embarrassed she was about what she'd said.  It's almost like you could hear her thinking "I'm a total idiot for saying that".

This morning, after getting the kids on the bus and then attending an end-of-the-year conference with Little Man's teacher, I decided to come home and watch Dirty Dancing again.  It is the first time I'd watched it since shortly after Patrick Swayze's death.  Even now, as I listen to Johnny say "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" I am still saddened by the loss of such a great actor.

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