Friday, May 13, 2011

Sand Dollars and Hippos

We received two new postcards yesterday, but I was unable to share them because the ability to post a blog had been temporarily disabled due to maintenance.  Now that the blog is back up, I'm excited to share with you our latest additions from Postcrossing!

This first postcard came to us from Amanda in Florida.  The front of the card explains the Biblical meaning of the sand dollar.  It reads "The center of the legendary holy shell form the five pointed star of Bethlehem.  The five slits represent the five wounds in Christ's body.  Inside are found five little white doves of peace.  On the front is the design of the Easter Lily and on the back is the outline of the Poinsettia".  The sand dollar is such an incredible reminder of the life of Jesus Christ and of what He means to us!

The second postcard came to us from Veronika in Germany.  I love the hippos looking up from the plants, with the leaves still present on top of the face of one hippo.  Too cute!

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