Saturday, May 28, 2011

Softball is over

Our ever-crazy softball schedule that we go through every spring and fall is over with for the spring season.  This season has been especially hectic for me because I was coaching Monster Man's team and assistant coaching Little Man's team while supporting Angel Baby's team, and Georgia Boy was working so much that he only made it to the fields.  I spent my days rushing from one ball field to the next (the kids each played on different fields) while lugging around bags of equipment, a cooler of food, and other various odds and ends.  Somehow, though, I love those crazy days and am going to miss them!

Little Man played on Division 1, which allows the players to start off their five attempts at hitting with three pitches and then use the tee for the last two pitches if needed.  While Little Man ended up using the tee from time to time, he often hit the ball without the aid of the tee and has been progressing into a good ball player.

Monster Man surprised us this season!  At the end of the fall season, he was still afraid of the ball for the most part while playing outfield.  He loved to hit the ball, but he didn't want to risk getting hit.  Boy were we surprised when he not only started off the season going for all the balls he could, but was actually most comfortable in the pitchers circle, where the balls often flew right at him.  He became quite the ball player this season!

Angel Baby had an exciting year, as well.  She started hitting a lot further and she really tried hard to make some outs at home plate (she was the catcher).  The biggest excitement for her, though, came from the fact that her team took home the tournament championship medals for Division 4.  She had an incredible team that only lost three games all season.

As crazy as it sounds, we're already looking forward to the fall season! 

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