Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's been a while

It has been a while since I've updated our recent postcard arrivals.  We have been enjoying finding our little Postcrossing surprises when they arrive, but I haven't had much chance to scan them and get them ready to share.  As a result, I have several great cards to share with you this morning!

This postcard came to us from Chie in Japan.  One of the characters on the front is Rilakkuma, a famous Japanese character.  I'll have to ask my brother if he knows which one it is since he has lived in Japan for several years.  It's a great postcard!

This postcard came to us from Meg in Michigan.  She reports that she was just on Beaver Island, home to Emerald Isle, for a biology course offered through Central Michigan University.  What a fun way to study biology!

This postcard came to us from Mario in Finland.  She didn't write much on the postcard, but I sure think the bear is precious playing in the snow!

This postcard came from Yi-Ching in Taiwan.  She included her twitter name for me to connect with her, but I do not use twitter.  It is fun finding ways to connect with other Postcrossing members, though!

This postcard came to us from Payton in British Columbia.  Payton works from Rocky Mountaineer Vacations, and this is the company's train.  Payton reports that the train was recently painted, and this is an old photo.  What a fun job!

This last postcard came to us from Masha in Ukraine.  Masha said she sent this postcard after seeing the same card listed in my favorites of cards other Postcrossing members have received and shared.  How thoughtful!

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