Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Postcards

With as busy of a summer as we've been having, I've fallen behind in sharing the postcards we've received.  In the past week, we have received four new postcards from Postcrossing members around the world.

This first postcard came to us from Nicole.  She lives in California, but recently graduated from Andrews University, a Seventh Day Adventist college located in Berrien Springs, Michigan.  The postcard shares some information on the history of the college.  Nicole shared on the back of the card that she will soon be starting her own life in Laos.  I wish her much luck!

This next postcard came to us from Alex in Slovenia.  She is a student who will graduate soon.  She reports that Slovenia is a beautiful country, though it is so small that most people don't know where it is.

The third postcard came to us from Kayoko in Japan.  The image on the front has the writing 'Miki-Chou Ojizousama' under it.  I especially liked the heart-shaped stamp that Kayoko included on the back of the card when sending it.

It took me a few minutes to figure out which direction this postcard from Jen Lan in Taiwan was supposed to be turned.  When I finally turned it this way, I realized that the bottom was the bookstore 'Eslite Bookstore' where Jen Lan said she purchased the card.  The top of the card is a very neat looking ceiling.

These are all great postcards, and they add nicely to our collection!

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