Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Time to Prepare

Throughout each year, I take the clothes that the kids have outgrown and put them in large storage containers.  Two times a year, I sell their old clothes at Kidsignments.  Kidsignments is a huge consignment sale filled with clothes from newborn through juniors and young mens sizes, as well as maternity clothes.  But it doesn't just end at clothes.  The sale also includes children's furniture, toys, bedding, room decor, and just about everything else you might need for a baby or child.  Books, movies, video games, and even homeschool materials fill boxes lined along the walls.  Until recently, the sale was limited to 1000 selllers (yes, I said it was limited to 1000).  The latest sale has been limited to 1400 sellers.

The sale fills two buildings at the Gwinnett Fairgrounds in Lawrenceville, GA.  Somehow, despite the massive amount of items for sale, those who run Kidsignments actually keep it quite organized.  Clothes are separated not only by size, but also by gender.  Some items, like swimsuits or pajamas, have their own section along the same aisle.  Dress clothes, Halloween costumes, and school uniforms all have special locations at the sale, too.  Toys are separated by type, books as well.  Movies are ordered first by VHS or DVD, then in sections A through Z (they aren't kept completely in alphabetical order since people move things around so much and the sellers are the ones to originally place their items for sale, but if you are looking for Cars (for example), you know to look in the Cs.  Need a stroller?  There is a whole section devoted to strollers.  Shopping for a crib set?  There's a section for that as well!  There are even sections for things you wouldn't think to look for. This sale is so huge that it even gets media coverage.

Spring and summer clothes are sold at the first sale of the year, held in February.  That is also the time you are most likely to find outdoor toys and sports equipment.  Fall and winter clothes are sold at the second sale, held in August.  That is when you are most likely to find school uniforms, Halloween costumes, and winter coats.

In the past year, Angel Baby has gone through 4 dress sizes.  She alone has left me with more clothes than I usually have to sell.  Add Monster Man's clothes (he's gone up one size in some things, two sizes in others) and Little Man's clothes (he's finally outgrown his toddler sizes and has two to three sizes of clothes to get rid of), and I have about double my usual loot to take to the sale.  We've also added a ton of toys, books, and movies this time - and I'm not done looking yet!

I'm still waiting for my email telling me that I've made it into the sale, but I am already at work preparing the items that I plan to sell this time.  They have to be freshly washed, tagged, hung, and sorted before my drop-off date.  Hopefully that email will come soon and I can really get to work!

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