Friday, July 29, 2011

Back to School

Wow!  I cannot believe the kids go back to school in less than a week!  Monster Man and Angel Baby have to complete math packets before returning to school, something that we'd forgotten about until recently.  As I am typing, they are working on these packets to make sure that they have finished them before school starts.  Monster Man, who gets easily frustrated, isn't too thrilled with having to finish the work that the school has required.  Angel Baby wasn't too happy about it, but she wants to get hers over with as fast possible so she is getting hers completed without complaints.

Monster Man has completed his summer reading (he was required to read two books on their list).  Angel Baby has still been a little stubborn about her summer reading requirements (and hers was only one book on the list).  I imagine she'll be rushing to finish her book at the last minute.

Little Man is getting ready to go back, too.  He has missed being in school with his friends, finding himself bored with being home each day.  He has been excited about the new school year since pretty much the day that school ended.  Kindergarten is much more exciting for him than middle school is for the big kids.

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